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Technical information about the electrical trade will be presented in this area of the site.   The areas included are listed on the navigation buttons in the left column. 

I have tried to choose some areas of that will be of interest to most electricians.   If there is some area that you would like to see included, please let me know.

I am also interested in including works by other authors.  If you think you may have something to contribute, please let me know.

The web site has a growing section on conduit bending.  The pages on conduit bending are:

Ohm's Law
Conduit Bending

    Stub Ups

    Back To Back



    Parallel Bends

    Segment Bends

    Concentric Bends

Charts And Tables

    Bender Info

    Trigonometry Tables

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Please let me hear from you.   Send E-mail to Webmaster with questions or comments about this web site.

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